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Turn-key solution with in-house capabilities, MEP, Partitions, Painting, Civil Works, High-end decorative finishes, Glass Work, Professional Cleaning/ White Wash, Furnishing Solutions, Ceiling/ Flooring Works, Electrical & A/C works

Space plans

For your office to function at it’s peak potential you need to have an office layout which both maximizes the available floor and overcomes any obstacles which could interrupt the flow. Our expert advice and ability to consult with you in the early and late stages is vital in achieving the best possible office space. We can provide you with detailed floor plans and computer generated 3D rendering which you can make all the crucial decisions in an informed manner.


Whether exposed grid or concealed ceiling systems, our range of design options can enhance and invigorate any space. Add feature lighting to maximize the finished effect.


Curved walls in solid or glazed partitioning adds a whole new dimension to your office environment. Customized graphics or wall coverings can complete your tailored feature.

Glass walls

Maximizing the flow of natural light and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, glazed walls by very design, grant you the popular illusion of an enlarged workspace.



  • As offices become more ‘technology heavy’, our team of professionals will assist you with the installation of your technology. We have experts in networks, telephony, access control, security, AV, etc. on hand to advise you on solutions and to implement your requirements.
  • Health and safety

  • Health and safety is the number one priority for our building team. It is central to our culture and to everything we do on the work site. We operate a sophisticated, up to date, workplace health and safety system which is audited by independent health and safety professionals.

  • Building services

    Today’s office buildings have a suite of sophisticated building systems and services such as air conditioning, lighting, energy management, fire, etc.  All will require modification to suit your new office design. Don’t worry, our technicians will re-engineer and re-certify all the systems for you.